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Project Description
Toplands is a Topdown shooter with rpg elements made with the XNA game framework, written in C#.


What is in the game:
  • Character customization including:
    • Customizable hats
    • Customizable bodies
    • Custom colors for both hats and bodies
  • Weapon customization including:
    • Customizable weapon look (duh)
    • Customizable crosshair
    • Customizable bullets
    • Customizable bullet spread
    • Customizable bullet impact sounds
    • Customizable bullet speed
    • Customizable trigger speed
    • Customizable weapon fire sounds
    • Customizable recoil
  • Fully working Slowmotion
  • Collision system
  • Implemented xWinFormsLib for a rich and customizable GUI.
  • Customizable Medic talent (Cricle of Healing)
  • Simple health system with a simple (and crappy) healthbar
  • Dynamic shadow & lighting

~Project owner/programmer
Michiel De Mey

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